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Elvenar Game

Elvenar is a very complex and enjoyable strategy game with elements of city management, economics and diplomacy. Build the most beautiful capital in the kingdom, make it inviting for new citizens, keep them happy by providing for them and taking care of their needs.

At the start of a new Elvenar game you will be given a choice between elves and humans – this will determine the kind of city you are going to build. Human towns are sturdy and cozy-looking with their tiled roofs, narrow streets and stone walls. Elven settlements are more in tune with nature and tend to use lighter architecture often made of wood and featuring environmental motifs.

Your job is to create new buildings including the town hall, residences and workshops as well as to accommodate your citizens and workers by connecting the whole infrastructure with roads. Grow food, organize cultural events and develop the economy. Some things only become accessible after building certain structures or researching certain technologies.

There is a great advantage to playing Elvenar online: the game saves your progress in the cloud and you can always access it by typing in your username and password. You will even be asked for your email address that will be used to recover your data in case you happen to forget your registration info. Another cool feature is the ability to interact with other players who are busy building their own cities in the vicinity: check up on their progress, message them and maintain diplomatic relations.

If you are on the fence about Elvenar play it for fifteen minutes and you will be pleasantly surprised with its complex gameplay mechanics, amazingly detailed and colorful visuals, memorable music and wonderful atmosphere. Bring your city to prosperity and become the most beloved ruler in the kingdom!

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